Insider secrets of public speaking

Communicating effectively in public, has been ranked in survey after survey as being more frightening than “spiders, death and clowns!”

Nadine Dereza and Ian Hawkins’ 5-star rated best selling book, answers 50 of the biggest questions that people ask about presenting, including how to manage nerves.

Whether you’re planning your first presentation to a client or about to deliver your 500th speech at a conference, you will get “practical and powerful advice from two experts.” Insider Secrets of Public Speaking promotes the three Golden Principles of:


The book will tell you how to express yourself with confidence and authenticity, without sacrificing your individuality, whatever the occasion and whoever you are.

Insider Secrets of Public Speaking is the essential reference for anyone who needs to stand in front of an audience to speak.

The book is available to order from Waterstones and Amazon in hardback, paperback and kindle.

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    A sensible and eloquent answer to the fears of public speaking. An industry first!

      A sensible and eloquent answer to the fears of public speaking. An industry first!

    Mark Cowne, Kruger Cowne

    A lifesaver of a book.

      A lifesaver of a book.

    Leo Johnson, Author & Presenter

    A welcome addition to a speaker’s armoury.

      A welcome addition to a speaker’s armoury.

    Diana Boulter, DBA Speakers

    Should be universally used to ensure complete preparation for any event.

      Should be universally used to ensure complete preparation for any event.

    Nick Gold, Speakers Corner

    Entertaining, insightful and practical. Good common sense from the standpoint of real hands on experience.

      Entertaining, insightful and practical. Good common sense from the standpoint of real hands on experience.

    Baron Blunkett, PC

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    Like the best speeches, this book cuts to the chase. Instead of theoretical waffle or impossible demands, Dereza and Hawkins go direct to the questions that trouble experienced as well as new speakers. Good, clear, straight advice, exceptionally well-written.

    Matthew Parris

    Journalist, Author and Broadcaster

    There are two golden rules to public speaking: The first is don’t. The second, if you’ve screwed up on the first, is buy this lifesaver of a book.

    Leo Johnson

    Author and Presenter

    This is an entertaining, insightful and practical guide. I know from experience how important essential tips can be to avoid reinventing the wheel and falling into traps. For instance, ‘don’t crack a joke at the beginning unless it is the right time and place’. Do not talk at your audience but ride with them and above all, ‘know your audience’. The importance of leadership shines through which is all about confidence without arrogance (a very difficult balance to achieve). All in all, good common sense but from the standpoint of real hands on experience.

    David Blunkett

    Baron Blunkett, PC

    When a person becomes a speaker they place themselves in the spotlight, warts and all, and without adequate preparation they will fail to inspire or influence. The experienced authors have hit the mark about one of the most important aspects of successful public speaking – preparation. This is the only way to effect public speaking which not only moves an event audience there and then, but also resonates two weeks later when an employee is sitting at their desk, and is spurred to act upon the influence of the speaker, and to utilise the tools they have been bestowed by a fully prepared, authentic and authoritative speaker. The list of questions suggested by Nadine and Ian to ask the client before an event is replete and concise – and should be universally used by speakers to ensure complete preparation for any event.

    Nick Gold

    Managing Director, Speakers Corner

    Both authors know their subject inside-out from practical, first-hand experience – and it shows. This book offers straightforward, no-waffle, useful advice in an easy-to-use format. I have recommended and booked guest speakers worldwide for over twenty years, and I found some useful nuggets of detail, which I’ll be using from now on. The best speakers, awards hosts and presenters always seek to improve – the lazy ones don’t bother. And the results shine through. I expect great results every time – and this book is a welcome addition to a speaker’s armoury.

    Diana Boulter

    Founder & MD, DBA Speakers

    The authors are experts in delivering messages in an authentic and inspirational way – this is a must read for anyone wanting to communicate with impact and integrity. As an international speaker on the topic of sustainability I am constantly looking to learn best practice on using my words to ignite real change.

    Fiona Pelham

    MD, Sustainable Events

    This book provides clear and practical advice for anyone faced with the challenge of addressing an audience. It is very readable with some entertaining but useful anecdotes.

    Alasdair Northrop

    Editor, Scottish Business Insider

    This book is what every speaker needs, even if they don’t know it yet! Some sage advice in each of the tips – easy to read but nonetheless powerful and enabling. ‘Trade being liked for being respected when delivering bad news’, this for me typifies the real value of this book, it is not just about delivering a perfect presentation, but about the ‘effect’ it has on you and your audience.

    Mike Faulkner

    Director, Media Outsource

    At last, a sensible and eloquent answer to the fears of public speaking. An industry first!

    Mark Cowne

    CEO, Kruger Cowne

    This book should be required reading for any young person looking to make it in the professional and highly competitive world of commerce. If we could coach our young people and give them the skills to address an audience no matter how big with confidence, authority and style, they would, be able to communicate anything, to anyone at any time! Having the confidence and know how to communicate effectively to an audience has become, in my opinion, the most important skill in today’s world. This is a book, a coaching manual and confidence builder that can, empower the reader to transform their ability to speak in public.

    Graeme Barnett

    Senior Exhibition Director, Reed Travel Exhibitions

    Don’t Panic! Read this, it will make you a better speaker. It’s written with the wit and accessibility of Douglas Adams’ work and the insight and experience of this publication’s authors, which means it has the rigour that at times HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy lacks. This is a brilliant guide to speaking on stage. Read it and learn. If you think you are a really good speaker even you must read this you can get even better – I did.

    Ben Hawkins

    Executive Producer, George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

    Even the most seasoned speakers will find surprising and pertinent answers to their biggest fears. Disappointing your audience is simply not an option. So I recommend you get this book before your next speech!

    Christophe Morin

    CEO, Sales Brain

    An insightful and astute look into the mind of a presenter and the world of public speaking. Nadine and Ian tackle head on, the highs and lows faced by presenters the world over with accuracy, honesty and wit. Tips, hints and ideas a plenty. A useful read for presenters of all capabilities.

    Richard Elson

    MD, Organisational Impact

    This book marks a departure from tradition. It takes a difficult subject and makes it accessible for everyone who has stood up in front of an audience and felt ‘why should they listen to me?’ It helps with a whole range of tools and techniques including the structure of a good speech, which is often overlooked. It also debunks some myths. No one is a born public speaker! I would recommend it as a useful refresher for the most experienced speaker and an essential guide for all those who are currently lacking confidence when they speak in public.

    Ruth Spellman

    Chief Executive, Workers’ Educational Association (WEA)

    I bought this book after seeing Nadine in action at a national business conference. I wanted to know how she could be so cool, calm and charismatic on stage. This book is the real deal.

    Margaret Webster

    Pagster Limited

    Plain speaking advice delivered with authenticity, great understanding of the audience and all their inner nightmares and practical guidance delivered with authority, charm and humour. Loved the tip about holding the heavy shopping bags when on stage to steady yourself. Gems like this – and there are many – make this well worth the read.

    Mark Harrison

    Head of Markets, IPC

    This book is full of practical advice about public speaking. I found it hugely useful when preparing a series of talks. It’s great on structure and tailoring your speech to the audience. Great thing is that there is absolutely no padding. For my money – particularly good memory technique tips also.

    Tom Mitchelson


    I loved the way this book breaks down the topic into 50 very useful questions. These are the questions most people have. It makes it very easy to read and is very helpful to just pick a question and read exactly what you need without having to read the whole book from A to Z. If you are not an avid reader, you can have the book by your bedside table or in your bag and just read one question a day and you will be done in less than six weeks.

    The fact that the book was written by people within the industry makes it very useful too; it is not just the thoughts of someone who does public speaking, but it contains the ins and outs of public speaking. Highly recommended and pleasant read. A must have for anyone who loves public speaking and also for those who are afraid of it!

    Ernesto Moreno

    Business Consultant, People Development Specialist & Entrepreneur

    Real-world problems,” say the authors, “demand practical solutions.” Hence the Q&A format, which also neatly solves the perennial challenge of how to maintain the reader’s attention. Keep the chapters’ brief (none here, by my reckoning, longer than about 2500 words, and many much shorter); change the subject unexpectedly (from “How do you handle obnoxious audience members?”, we turn swiftly to “How can I remember my words?”); employ the bon mot (there’s hardly a page in my review copy where I haven’t marked something useful).

    It all makes for a lively read, especially when the text has such flair. The book feels bang up to date: the authors even reference Mary Beard’s LRB lecture in February 2014. Alongside the stuff you’d expect – breathing, moving, the perils of jokes – they discuss the logistics of presenting: dress, hosting arrangements, technology. They include, unusually, material on developing a career as a public speaker: getting bookings, participating in panel discussions, chairing debates.

    Alan Barker

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